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“The classes at Shudokan Karate are engaging and active, which gives my five-year-old son Nate a fun outlet for his energy – but they also also provide constructive feedback and emphasize personal focus. As a result, Nate’s become more self-aware and confident.” –Jenna H.

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personally. He has an incredible patience and even the most active child will be focused on his/her kata. Our son says: ‘Sensei teaches us a lot of things like being respectful with others, being on time at the lessons and responsible. I like him very much.’ We highly recommend this school.” -Jerome B.

“It is a pleasure to offer my endorsement to this dojo. As an active adult who continues to study under Sensei Tanabe for the past 11 years, I cannot say enough great things about his style and the camaraderie of fellow students. I was encouraged to join as a way to gain control of my worsening physical condition. As I paid the price for my poor shape, I soon found that I gained a renewed physical ability, dropping weight and gaining strength. In addition, I found that I gained a mental attitude that I took to work, allowing me to respond to workplace demands in a whole new way– much like being able to respond to the unknown aggressive punch or kick. The continuing demonstration of my physical abilities and mental awareness is unparalleled when compared to other workout venues. As a senior adult, I find that I am in better condition than most people my age and I know that I have Sensei Tanabe to thank for this. I look forward to getting my grandson started in the near future knowing how Shudokan Karate will play an important role in his overall development.” –Ken S.

“Learning karate requires hard work and concentration, but it will be greatly rewarded. It is a good fun activity and shaping up our bodies with flexibility and strength. Tuition is very reasonable with multi-discount programs. Class schedules are flexible including evenings and weekends. We are gaining more public confidence and less worry about self-defense, especially for kids and women like us.” –Michelle & James T.

“Shudokan Karate is awesome! I would certainly recommend it to everyone even remotely interested in martial arts. Friends of mine go to other Dojos around the Longmont area, and many of them have very unfulfilling experiences because other Dojos are so focused on beating other people up. Shudokan is different, students are there to learn and not to release their egos upon other people. There is a lot of support and help to learn and practice and do as well as you can. Because of this learning is fun, engaging, and also quite practical. Shudokan has definitely helped my self-confidence and improved my life.” –Rachel V.