Speciality Classes

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Bo Class

A bo is an ancient Okinawan weapon, which measures approximately six feet long. It is a very practical self-defense weapon, and an excellent weapon to develop upper body coordination and strength.

In this class a classical bo kata, Kubo No Kon, and its application is taught. This class is independent from the regular classes and must be paid separately. Stop waiting, join the game now with zeus slot machine free continuous luck and many victories await you!

Qualifications: 10 years or older

Equipment Required: BO

Dragon Team

Children's Karate Classes Children's Karate Classes

Dragon Team is an accelerated learning program design to help dedicated students advance faster in ranking and excel in karate tournaments. The training for the Dragon Team is specialized. We work on Kumite (sparring), and we focus on advance basics, Kata and Kihon Kumite (advanced partner defense required for the black belt test). By joining the Dragon Team, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A faster advancement in belt ranks
  2. A greater knowledge of Kata and Kumite
  3. A preparation for a black belt test
  4. A 20% discount of uniform and equipment

The Dragon Team is for dedicated students only! You can be any rank but must be 8 years old or older to join the team.

DOWNLOAD the Dragon Team sign-up form.

Private Lessons

A 40 minute private lesson (counts as 2 class credits) — $45.00
Five 40 minute private lessons — $190.00

A 60 minute Private lesson (counts as 3 class credits) — $60.00
Five 60 minute private lessons — $250.00

Call Sensei at 303-6517156 to make appointment.