Sensei Tanabe

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Sensei Hiroyuki Tanabe, head instructor at Shudokan Karate, is a 6th Degree Black Belt with over 40 years of karate experience. He started practicing karate at age 14, in Chiba, Japan, under the tutelage of his his older brother. In college, he began formal training as a member of the Nihon University Law School karate team. His teacher, Master Mano (1930-1998), was a Vice President of the Japan Karate Federation, as well as General Secretary of the World Karate Federation. During this time, Sensei also trained at the dojo of Master Hasumi, often practicing a total of 4-5 hours/day.

In 1977, Sensei Tanabe completed a 1-year Instructor Training Course through the Japan Karate Federation. Following this, Master Mano asked if he would be willing to work in the United States “for a couple years” to help a fellow instructor, Sensei Kurobane, with his dojo in Lakewood, CO.

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In 1988, Sensei opened his first dojo in Longmont. Shudokan Karate started in a warehouse on S. Pratt Parkway. A year later, he moved it to a nicer space on S. Main Street. In 2009, Sensei was able to purchase one of Downtown Longmont’s beautiful historic buildings, at 325 Main Street, which is where Shudokan Karate currently resides.

In over 30 years of teaching and 20 years with his own dojo, Sensei Tanabe has taught literally thousands of students from all walks of life—men, women, teens, and children. Many of his black-belt assistants have over 2 decades of experience and some have been with Shudokan Karate just as long.

Sensei is married and has an 8-year old son, who trains with the kid’s class.